Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Here is the email I got from Robert, the owner of Ambiant Dance yesterday! It looks like we had Dancing With The Stars filming at our studio! Wow! We're famous!

Dear Jessica,

What a way to start off our Anniversary week!

We had the pleasure of hosting DWTS in the studio Friday & Saturday. Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas were in the house working on their routines for tonights show. It was truly amazing to watch the process. The surprise was having her whole family pop in to watch the rehearsal. I put a couple of pictures on Facebook, but check out the show tonight and see if they show some studio clips. It was fun.

None of this would have been possible if it were not for the unselfish help from all of the instructors here. I really appreciate how well you moved 50 lessons and 2 group classes around without a fuss, and did it all on no notice. You guys and gals are really the "dancing stars."

I'm guessing by now you have figured out we were not spraying for termites Friday...

Sorry for the little fib.

Well, have a dance filled week and I hope to see you all at the 3rd Anniversary Party this Friday Night.

My Best to you all.


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